How to Get a Girlfriend And Get Her to Stay

No matter how much convincing you are, you can’t make a woman what to date you. You may give her a logical reason as per why she should be your girlfriend, but that’s not enough. In the end, most ladies don’t end up with because you made logical sense but because you make them feel and treat them how they want to be treated and feel. The following are tips on how to get a girlfriend and get her to stay.

  1. Body language. This is the first and most thing to look for in a lady that you intend to date. For instance, if she is looking directly into your eyes, and smiling that is a good sign that she might be interested in you. If you see your woman with crossed arms, and she seems to be distracted, chances are she might not be attracted to you.
  2. You have to present yourself as the total package. This means you need to have a life that is impressive. Being the guy that gets drunk over the weekend and crashes on his buddy’s couch is not precisely the kind of thing that a lady wants. Hence the reason you should take some time to work on your own life. Set some real goals: handle your career, your living situation and your money. Looking back, it seems funny how simple it was to impress a girl when you were 18. You only needed to be the “cool guy” and girls that age would want you. That does not always do the trick when you get a little older.
  3. Using effective communication. This doesn’t mean that you just talk and barb all the time about yourself. You need to communicate about yourself and at the same listen to her. Listening to her gives you a lot of hints about the loves and dislikes of your girlfriend. Listening to her also makes her feel important and wanted. And this will prove very useful in the continuation of a long-term relationship.
  4. You need to be able to end the night on a good note. When you meet a woman, and you have a good time with her, you want to end the night strong. You do not want to fade right at the end. So, you should be able to close her in some way. Whether it is getting her number, another date, a kiss or more, you have to go for it. Being too shy at the end of the night is not a good thing.
  5. Being original and creative in your love play. It is not romantic to always give your girlfriend chocolates, and flowers. You should research on the things she really loves and appreciates. You may ask her friends what she loves before you decide what you would like to give her. Gifts need not be costly, but surely should be thought-provoking and convey the right emotion.

Following the above tips and learn how to get a girlfriend won’t be straightforward however it is potential once you do it with discipline, dedication, and persistence. With the above tips, you may find out that you can attract and date ladies that once you thought were out of your league.