Should You text Your Ex to get him/her Back?

Texting is an effective way of getting your ex back as it helps you bring back the old memories in a most powerful way. On the other hand, it can further ruin the relationship when you do it immediately after the breakup. The emotions will be at peak soon after the breakup. Therefore there are chances that you might spam your ex with text messages that are vulgar and harsh. You may try to bombard her or him with text messages that are emotionally hurtful. You may also get overemotional and sound like begging or pleading.

Spamming: Girls generally like to be chased but not to the extent of getting 20 to 30 messages at one go.  When you remain calm after the breakup, it will draw the attention of your ex. If you really want your ex back, it is better not to send hurtful messages which will drive them away further from you.

Fun message: After maintaining a no contact rule for some time, if you are planning to send the text message for the first time, make it lively. It is better you avoid sending inquiry messages like “Hi, how are you?”  Send him or her messages that create a positive impact. When you send a happy vibe to your ex via text, you are likely to get a reply.

Reminiscence text: People always feel good when they reminisce old loving moments spent with their loved ones.  This brings in lot of emotions that brim up till the throat. This will certainly make your ex recollect the best phase of your life when you were together and invoke emotions. Reminding is the most powerful method of making your ex boyfriend or girlfriend feel that she or he is missing you and reminisce the good memories of togetherness. You can share something specific that happened between you and use terms that are known to only you both.

Create jealousy: There is a general opinion that creating jealousy in your ex makes him or her think more about you. Though it is a negative way of thinking it is considered to be the most effective strategy by people in general. It can work out well during certain situations and turn out to be a total disaster in other situations. When you were together, you are so used to each other’s company and the attraction is less likely. It is natural for your ex to get envious when he or she sees you along with some other individual who is fond of you. Most of the men get envious when they see someone else wanting the women they loved. The feeling is instantaneous. However, you can choose this strategy based on the real nature of your ex. It is not advisable to use this method if he or she is highly emotional and always feel insecure as it might turn dangerous. You are recommended to try this method only if you have had interacted with him or her in a pleasant way in the past.

Freestyle texting: This can be your final choice of texting if you have been successful in developing a cordial texting pattern. You can continue with the same energy and vibe and wait till things unfold. It is always better if things happen in a natural way than plotting a plan for it to happen. Therefore, the freestyle texting or natural way of texting serves as a strong foundation for a longstanding and healthy relationship. At the end of the day, even if a big change is not observed you will feel happy with the natural way of texting. This will help you to take next step strongly in getting your ex back.

Remain subtle: If you have initiated the texting and continuing it in a cordial way, your ex might be wondering about the motive of your texting. You have to remain subtle here without giving any clue of what you are actually into. Do not ask any questions related to the current relationship he or she is into. Let them remain curious about your actual motive. Do not open up unless you get to know the real feeling of your ex. It is not necessary that if the ex texts you back, he or she is interested in getting back to you. The reply messages may also be sent out of pure curiosity.

Let your ex open up: When you initiate the conversation with your ex, do not start with a question. It should not be like you are dragging him or her for a conversation. After a few lines of response, you can gradually shoot questions related to career, colleagues or something in common that you can both respond to. Do not ask any questions relating to his or her current status. It is enough that you are able to strike a conversation and receive a response. Going too heavy will notify your intentions.