Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Wants You Back

Love relationships do not go smooth as always. Breakups happen mainly because of difference of opinions among the couple. Men and women think in a different way and they follow different ways of communicating things. Way of communication has to be understood properly as it is important to know if your ex-girlfriend wants to unite back with you.

How men communicate?

Men are generally straight in communication. They will be able to tell anything straight that they actually want from women. They are generally not good at exhibiting emotions like women. Their straight communication probably will get things solved if they are well perceived. Even for small matters like where to go for having food outside women are very uncertain and want men to take charge of the situation. Men will straight away suggest two or three options and the choices for women are confined now.

How women communicate?

Women are generally uncertain or indecisive about their choices. They always want men to take charge of the situation when it comes to deciding places to go. On the other hand, they have confidence in men that they will choose the right kind of place. They completely leave to decision of men as they believe that it is their duty. Women also feel that it is their right to ask men to decide things. If you want your ex-girlfriend back in your life, probably you will have to closely look for hints that they put up.

What are the signs of women?

Most of the women would not tell you directly what they actually want. They feel that men should know what they want. However, they do not expect it instantly from you as they very well know that you are not a mind reader. This is where they throw small hints for you to guess and act immediately. When you want your ex-girlfriend back, you need to start looking for hints that she might drop.

She might make you feel jealous by sharing all possible photos in social media to show that she is happy with her friends, especially male friends. She might put a small write up about her hangouts and how she enjoyed the company of them. This is all to make you feel jealous and question her. On the other hand, she also gets jealous when you speak to other girls. If she shows anger against this act of yours, consider it as a form of love.

If you both had a mutual friend who is still in touch with both of you, she might share all happenings in her life to that mutual friend. She is confident enough that these matters will reach you whenever you catch up with the mutual friend. This is an attention seeking motive.

When she tries to share past experiences with you, this is another good sign that she wants you back. When you exchange messages or happened to meet her one day, if she tries to recollect the past experiences, this is certain that those memories are unforgettable and ever fresh.

When you happen to talk to her over phone or email or text her, if she incidentally calls you by pet name, it is a good sign that she is still remembering you. However, it may not be always incidental. It can be intentional too as she may even check whether you are paying attention to that aspect. If you respond, she will try to talk more with you.

When a girl is desperate to get her ex-boyfriend and when she receives a message from him, she will not hesitate to reply back immediately. Even if she wants to remain calm, she cannot resist that for a long time. Therefore, if you get an immediate reply, it is a sign that she wants you back for sure. On the flip side, ignoring your message for a few days and replying much later is also a positive sign. This is all done to just get your attention. This is a kind of thought process that women have in general. By ignoring the message she thinks that it will make you remember her on those days she kept quiet without answering.

Relationships are full of emotions. When you happen to meet her, there are chances she gets emotional and share what all she went through during the separation. This will happen for sure if she is interested in getting you back.

If you observe a change in behavior after the breakup, it is a positive sign that she is ready to change herself to get you back in life. It is tough to change one’s behavior and this she does only to make you happy.

Finally, if your ex-girlfriend is finding ways to contact you frequently for random reasons, then it is a good sign that she wants to get back to you.