How To Deal With An Angry Ex Boyfriend or Girlfriend?

Relationships are 90% filled with emotions. If you have broken up with your girl friend or boy friend recently because of an awful fight, the impact stays in mind for a few days. However, if you find your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend still continuing to be angry about it, you have to deal with it in an amicable way. Below are a few suggestions or guidelines which might help you deal with an angry ex boyfriend or girlfriend.

  • Most of the fights happen for hitting on the wrong note of ex girlfriend or boyfriend. If your ex continues to be angry, give it up and do not keep on pinpointing the reason which created the fight.
  • Secondly, keep looking for the right time to apologize to your ex. The best time is when he seems peaceful. Till then you will have to maintain silence and avoid contacting your ex.
  • Thirdly, you have to build a good rapport with your ex to identify the right time to apologize to him or her. The second and the third suggestion have to go hand in hand to identify the right time.
  • Fourthly, the communication you are trying to establish with your ex has to be sincere and should not show up any extra intentions.
  • Fifthly, try to advance in a gradual manner. Haste makes waste; so do not be in a hurry when trying to mend the relationship.

How do the exes show their anger?

Your ex might not be talking to you after a breakup. There may be many reasons for it. Some people want to really get out of the awful impact they had with the fight. Some people might use silence as the revenge to irk you. This is the tactic most of the ex lovers use to show anger on their exes.

On the other hand, if the breakup had happened because you cheated him or her, then this will make your ex extremely angry. They may also think of ways of cutting you off from their life. Expecting an ex to talk to you after being cheated is a hard task. The wound takes a long time to heal and you have to be highly patient to deal with it. If you are trying to convince him through constant pestering, it is not going to yield you a positive result. It is a kind of forcing act which will eventually blow up on your face. Instead, you will have to approach the situation from their point of view and wait till the anger settles down.

Common tips to deal with an ex girlfriend or boyfriend

Patience: In relationships fallouts are common. Give your ex a little space and time to settle down to come in terms with the actual situation.

Strike a balance: Balancing the relationship is really hard if you both do not have a common commitment. In case, you have kids then the chances are high for staying with your ex for a long time. Kids become your common commitment and this will help you rekindle the relationship.

Do not pester or threaten: It is good to maintain a healthy and matured relationship with your ex for it to last long. If you are becoming emotional when speaking directly, try using indirect methods of communication like emailing or texting to make things clear to him or her.

Soothing voice: Do not use anger to deal with an angry ex. It will further hurt your feelings as well the feelings of your ex. You have to be very gentle with your ex so that both of you arrive at a good decision.

Avoid discussion in public: When you both meet at a public event or a family gathering, do not discuss about the issues in relationship. It has to be kept private between both of you.

Do not use kids to influence: People tend to bring kids between the fight. This is not going to help you have a good relationship with your partner as well as your kids.

Avoid triangles: If you have found a new partner, do not mention about the new relationship when dealing with your ex. This is uncomfortable for your new partner as well as your old. You will not be able to progress in your new relationship or sustain the old relationship.

Be friends: Till you both come over the situation, you can remain as friends. You can show to your ex that you can remain mature and handle things gradually.

Maintain distance: Maintaining distance with your ex is good to an extent. This is again giving space to yourself and to him to make adjustments with situation.

Finally, be positive about the relationship and learn things on the go. Forbidding anger is the great way to sustain relationships.