How To Get Your Ex GirlFriend Back in 7 Days

It is indeed a difficult task to mend a relationship that is broken. However, you can get it back if you take a few steps in the right way. Even strong relationships break up during sometimes due to harsh words spoken out of fury. If this has happened with your ex girlfriend and you are thinking of ways to get her back in your life just be honest about what went wrong. Both verbal and text messages are equally hurting. These exchanges put you emotionally down and make you weak further. However, breakups happen at different situations and different reasons contribute to it; a mere fight need not be a reason.

What are steps to follow to get ex back?

Step 1: The step will deal with the fact that who is actually responsible or who initiated the breakup. You have to rewind your memory and get back to the day of breakup. Is that you who broke up initially or she? If she is the one who broke up with you then you have to analyze the reason if you want her back. Can you recollect the exact phrase she used as reason to break up? Did she ever mention to you that she needs some space?

Step 2: There might be three possible reasons for girls dumping their boyfriends in general. You have to identify the real reason to get her back.

Reason 1: She is not finding you attractive anymore.

Reason 2: She develops a feeling that you are not committed to her.

Reason 3: The distance has grown. Either of you has moved to a different location.

Reason 1 can be easily identified if you recollect some of the recent past interactions with her. If you have sensed the following then the reason 1 holds good.

  • You had been extra caring with her always and less reaction is observed from her side
  • You had been doing things she never asked you to do
  • You had been complementing her frequently but she remained silent
  • You had been gifting her very often
  • You had made your stand clear that she is important to you many a times
  • You are the one who told the love first
  • All decisions are left to her choice
  • You apologized for many times in spite of her being bitchy

Reason 2 probably arises when she senses that you are not committed to her. She senses that she is not getting any value out of the relationship.

As per reason 3, distance really corners a relationship. You are not frequently contacting and your work life is not giving you time to travel and meet each other.

Step 3: In this step, you will start executing the solution against the reason that you have chosen from the above.

Recommendations for reason 1

Now that you are clear about the exact reason of your breakup, you can conveniently move coins to get her back. If you have chosen Reason 1 then you can probably think of having a makeover physically and also reveal changes in behavior. Be around the places where your ex girlfriend is seen but still maintain a distance. Never show you are desperate to rekindle the relationship or beg to her to reconcile. May be she will sympathize with the act but it is not going to really impress her. Even if it gives a space for reconciling it may not last. For reason 1, you certainly need to change your outwardly behavior that impresses her. You can think of conveying your feelings to her in an indirect way than normally you did. You can think of using the social media platform and communicate in general what all you had in mind as though you are advising it to somebody.

Recommendations for reason 2

Reason 2 simply conveys that you had been never serious with your relationship. To get her back, probably you will have to do all the things that you did for Reason 1. In what way you can show your commitment? May be you can promise for a wedding soon or help her to come up in profession. Always try to make a face to face relationship than texting or speaking over phone. This will increase the nearness and she will start noticing the importance of her in your relationship. Importantly, it is not a good move to start dating another girl as soon as you broke up with her. It will shatter the little confidence she had in you. You have to make her constantly feel that you have changed a lot and appreciate the changes. This will certainly prove your commitment and how far you are eager to make the relationship work. Informing the changes through words or text messages will not suffice; you have to exhibit noticeable changes.

Recommendations for reason 3

As said earlier, distance certainly corners the relationship as you are not in touch with each other. Moreover if you have a busy work life hangouts are less likely which further distances the relationship. This has probably led to the breakup. But this situation can be tackled if you move to her place of living. If you seriously want her back in, no matter how far away she lives, moving her to place will make her show special concern to you. But do not ever show that you have moved in to her place just to get her back. You can reveal it to her after having been stayed for a couple of weeks in her location. Again it reflects the commitment you have towards the relationship.

Final words

There are many online guides available on how to get your ex girlfriend back which explain the reconciliation process with clear cut strategies. There are even guides that help you get your ex back through text messages. These guides are written by authors who are relationship experts, psychiatrists and common people who have undergone the same phase in life. Therefore, the recommendations are mostly based on the real life experiences.