Signs Your Ex Boyfriend Wants You Back

If you have been longing to get back to your ex boyfriend, it is important to know that if he also has the same feelings towards you. How would you know his feelings? Relationship experts say that you can identify the feelings through certain signs they spontaneously show up to you. It is a common notion that communication makes relationships work better. However, if you had a breakup getting back your ex through a straight communication is rarely possible. On the other hand, you can certainly look for signs through behavior. As a first step, you will have to evaluate the strength of your relationship.

How to evaluate the strength of your relationship?

If you had been in a relationship for a longer period then all your feelings and life incidents are entwined. If you have had a direct and loving relationship then the chances are more to get back together. If your ex boyfriend has the real feeling of getting back to you he will be in touch for sure. If he calls you sooner after you fought, then he is probably missing you much. If you have some belongings of your ex with you which are still not taken back from you, probably the relationship is intense. If he is trying to call you often or show up without prior information then it is obvious that he is unable to get you out of his mind. If your ex really wants to get back to you then it is impossible for him to hide that fact. If you observe any behavioral changes after your breakup then it is also a good sign. You may expect a few indirect questions about your current status. With all these actions, you can evaluate the strength of your relationship to an extent.

How emotional have you been in relationship?

If you both have shared an emotional bonding, it is hard for both of you to suddenly get rid of each other. As your life and feelings are intertwined you cannot expect everything to disappear suddenly after the fight. Even relationships that did not go for a long time leave a big wound. If your ex-boyfriend has been in touch with you through texting or emailing, probably he wants to keep an eye on you. If he speaks to you over phone, then it is a sign that he wants you back in his life again. Finally, if he wants to meet you in person, then it is a pure sign that he never wants you to leave him.

How often you are contacted?

If you both have been in frequent communication, it shows that you want each other very much. If your ex-boyfriend keeps on contacting you for unimportant reasons it indirectly makes sense that he is not happy with his decision of moving away from you. Even if your ex has not contacted you for a long time after breakup, use this time of separation to focus on ways to get back your ex. Long time silence is certainly not a sign of a complete breakup. Probably, you could give him this space to assimilate what things went wrong.

Are you observing a first timer behavior?

If you are observing the same behavior when you first met your ex-boyfriend like wanting to spend more time with you, take you to places, trying to get cozier, etc, probably he wants to rekindle the romance. You might observe him recreating the same incidents and revisit places that you met in the initial phase of your love. This is a good sign that your ex wants you desperately back in his life.

Change for good

You would have had an ugly fight for faults neither from your side nor from him. However, only ex-boyfriend can fix his roles in the fight that initiated breakup. If you find him working towards fixing the fault that ended your relationship, there is definitely a keen interest or reason behind this action. When someone is ready to change for someone, it is a very positive sign that the person is doing for the relationship to last; because, it is hard to change behavior unless there is a compelling reason. When you observe this kind of change in behavior, it is certainly a sign that he wants you back.

Direct communication

Not all people are made the same. People use different ways to make a relationship work. Some choose indirect communication to reveal what is actually going on in their mind. Some usually do not take time to tell out things clearly and crisply. If your ex-boyfriend belongs to the second category of people, then you can rest. It is not going to take much time for him to tell you what he actually has in his mind.