How To Convince An Ex Boyfriend or Girlfriend To Be With You

Are you suffering from a breakup with your boyfriend or girlfriend? It is indeed a very saddening moment in life; however it is not permanent. If you are seriously thinking of getting him or her in your life back, it takes a lot of effort to convince them to continue the relationship. To begin with, you can move coins in two ways. You can completely influence him or her so that they feel like asking you to continue the relationship. The second way is to drop some subtle hints for him or her to understand that you want them back in your life and also hint that they initiate the talk. However, prior to following these steps you will have to give your ex enough time and space to breathe.

Keep away: Giving space means that you shut all the communication possibilities with your ex and do not keep on texting or mailing him or her. It is a kind of a small game play to make him or her feel they miss you a lot. Meanwhile, you also get enough time to prepare your mind and if necessary seek spiritual ways to get stronger. As you put up yourself brave and healthy, you will look more attractive. Psychologically we get attracted to people who are healthy, happy and grounded. Asking for a second chance is not a mean action as it will only help you become a better individual by learning from mistakes.

Apologize: Apologizing for your actions and words is a simple yet an influential act that can convince your ex. There may be sadness at both the ends but when you initiate a sorry all ends well. You can openly ask for an excuse and convince him or her for a second chance. You can extend your conversation and let your ex know about what you actually learnt from this bad moment in life. Use your new learning and explain that the mistake will not happen again in the relationship.

Discuss: If you have been in relationship for several years then it is sure that your lives are intertwined with emotions. If that is the case, both of you deserve answer from each other. If not your partner, you better start the discussion and explain how the fight started. Convince him or her that it will not happen again. You can be open about your feelings and straightforward in explanation. If you are unable to convince your ex with a proper reason, you can even admit that.

Lifestyle changes: Sometimes we may not have a clear idea what went wrong and why we broke up. If you are unable to identify the reason yourself, you can listen to others to know their opinion. If you come across opinions like that you have been working for a long time or spending a lot of money to buy things that upsets your partner, probably you can try to make changes in the way you live. In case, you had lied to your partner and this has become the major cause for your breakup then you may have to accept the boundaries he or she sets for you to continue the relationship. It is obvious that you will lose your freedom and may not hide a few things from your partner like new friends or passwords. You have to be open in all and try to restore the lost trust in you. Sometimes your ex might not be willing to have an open discussion about the breakup and this might force you to move on without any further discussion. At these circumstances, you will have to find ways for healing your heart while still continuing the relationship.

Share feelings: You can share how you would change habits and view points after you reconcile and continue the relationship. You can also ask your ex about the changes he or she is anticipating in you. You can also ask for a few changes in them openly as relationship has to be mutual. It is good to bring new changes in both of you in order to lead a healthy and happy life. It is also advisable to change the way of communication you both followed earlier. It is not advisable to blame your ex for the breakup completely. When you are asking for a second chance, it is necessary that you have to be humble enough to put forth your wish.

Trying all these suggestions will certainly help you to win your ex back. Keep it in mind that building a relationship overnight is not possible. Time is the best healer; wounded heart definitely takes time to heal. Reconciliation takes constant effort but it is worth giving it a try if you are serious in getting back your ex.