How To Get Your Ex BoyFriend Back in 7 Days

Breakups happen at different situations and due to several reasons. It happens mostly due to the sudden differences observed in outwardly behavior between the lovers or the influence of external factors. However, if the damage is not too big you can reconcile and get back your ex boyfriend. Before you take a step towards getting him back think for a while about the actual reason. Do you want him back because you are single? You can move ahead only if your heart wants him positively back. Also, assimilate your past relationship with him to realize whether it had been healthy or meager or dull. It is good to estimate the good things he had done to you rather than brooding over ugly fights you both had. If you feel that he had been good to you during most of the occasions probably you can find ways to get back to him.

The steps to follow to get back your ex back

No contact rule: This is one of the proven strategies if you are looking ways to get back your ex. For a period of 21 days you will not contact your ex through any way. Even if you ex tries to contact you, you will have to ignore it. However, you can make a few alterations but only in rare circumstances. Experts say that “No Contact” rule increases the chances of your ex missing you. This is a kind of freedom that your ex had been enjoying earlier and when the same is not available, he will look for ways to get that freedom back.

Social media: It is the way to connect to people whom you have lost in touch with. You can start commenting on his posts as a viewer and hit likes. This will eventually bring in conversation and you will be able to see a lot of opportunities coming your way to rekindle the relationship. When conversing with you can look for signs like smilies which show that he is also eager to exchange pleasantries. When you start seeing questions about your welfare, it is a green signal to move forward.

Verify the status: Next step to verify is current status. Mostly people who had been in bad relationships earlier would not prefer to put their current status in the profile. If you are not seeing his current status you can check for any photos or videos uploaded in his social media page. Look up for photos of girls appearing more than once. You can trigger a conversation inquiring about the welfare of old friends and gradually start asking personal questions. Probably you will get an answer for what you have been looking for.

Get better: Try to get better looks than what your ex had seen you last. If possible get some workouts done and give yourself a sleek look so that your ex feels like getting back to you. It is important that you do not contact him while trying to bring changes in your looks. The day when he sees you, he should be completely blown away by your new looks. It gives him a sort of feeling that will he ever have a person like you back in his life. The desire to have you back in his life will kick him hard. Always physical attraction is the first thing that gets a guy’s sight on you.

Hangout: After confirming that he is single you can ask him to come for a coffee outside. If he is interested in meeting you in person, you may choose destinations that you both visited when you were in relationship. Choose the coffee bar which you both frequently used to visit. This would certainly bring back the memories of good olden days. This is the right time to have personal conversations. You can initiate the sharing of memories and all the romantic moments you spent in company of each other.

Meet his friends: If you have mutual friends, you can strike a conversation with them and get to know what he has told about you to them. If you are able to reach out his own friends who are not in your friends list but still ready to talk to you, find out the chances of him getting back to you. You will get information about if he is still single and act accordingly.

Feel sorry: During the conversation, you can subtly highlight the reason for breakup and how you felt later. Indirectly try to convey that you are eager to get back into the relationship and make it a new pleasant journey. Don’t ever try to talk about the behavior or habits which made you breakup with him. If he finds that those things are still haunting you he might get away from you. You can gradually set right things. On the other hand, if you are wrong apologize for it and commit you will never do it again. Also explain him that you have learnt a lesson through it so that he does not return it to you in the future.

Forgive your ex: If the mistake is not yours you have the upper hand. It gives you a chance to show your goodness. Make up your mind and try to forgive your ex’s mistake. It is hard to get together if you both do not develop the sense of forgiveness. When you both meet, just do not talk about what had happened in the past. Start over freshly.

Reasons for breakup: You can address the reasons for breakup when you get a chance to meet him in person. Your stress should be more on how keen you are to change yourself. It does not mean that you have to change fully as a person. Still if you find that you are unable to get along it is better to go for someone whom you find compatible. On the other hand, you can make a few changes in you if it is going to be very supportive for lifelong.

Indicate you want him back: Indicate that you want him back in life but never show up that you are desperate. If you start accepting his wishes anxiously then you are not honest to yourself. You can definitely change yourself for him but not at the cost of lowering your self esteem. If you feel you want to date someone else, try it and find how far you are satisfied.

Do not find a new partner: Breakups need ample time for the wound to heal. If you really want him back in your life do not attempt to get a new partner. On the other hand, find ways for making him feel jealous that you always have some people around you smiling at you. If you let your ex know that you have been seeing someone or posted pictures of you being with another person it will certainly hurt your ex. This will in no way help you to get back to your ex.

Healthy state of mind: Approach your ex boyfriend only when you are mentally healthy and take things in a positive way. Don’t show your anxiety when you meet him in person. Be calm and composed and slowly reminisce the loving memories of your earlier relationship. Before that, find out from him if he is in a position to meet you that day. Get to know if he had any important tasks to complete that day. If he set asides them to meet you then the time is all yours to make it fruitful. Highlight the memories subtly where you have been very good to him.

Next relationship: If you come to know that your ex boyfriend is dating someone else it is better to stay away. Do not expect him to get back to you as you will be hurting the relationship of another woman. Instead you find a new partner.

Final words

The above are only suggestions on a positive note and work if both of you have attraction towards each other. If your boyfriend is not interested in you anymore, do not waste time in trying out the above suggestions. Relationships teach you more about human values and how to make adjustments in life.