Psychological Tricks To Make Your Ex Want You Back

When you love a man, and he does not see you anymore, what are you doing? It is apparent that you cannot forget it and continue your life as some people will tell you. No matter how much he hurt you or how much he is rejecting you now, you still want him. The way you feel is no different from the way most women in love feel when they lose the man they love. Fortunately, there is a way to recover it.

Psychological Tricks to Make Your Ex Want You Back

Why do some women manage to recover their ex while others fail? You must enter his head and make him addicted to your love, as he was when he met you. To do this, you may need to use psychological advice. You will not do anything dishonest or hurtful. You will make your Ex see how much he still loves you and needs you. The use of psychological advice to recover your ex does not require exceptional skills. He has just pressed his emotional buttons doing the opposite of what he expects him to do. When he broke up with you, your Ex was sure you still loved him. In fact, you could have told him that you could not live without him. It made him feel like he could pick you up at any moment.

Your Ex Want You Back

By using psychological tricks, you will plant doubt in your mind. Your Ex will no longer see you as the woman with the broken heart at the tip of her finger. In reality, you will make him believe that you are moving away from him and your Ex will become addicted to your love. All you will need to change your attitude is to make her believe that you do not love her anymore. Male psychology will teach you that men have much pride and an even greater ego. When they think they are losing something that belongs to them, they panic. Making him walk without the usual crying and begging will make him sorry for his friends. But when you start thinking about saving your pride, your Ex will realize that he still loves you and misses you like crazy.

Your ex-Ex will see that the break was a mistake and he will decide to pick you up. Now you can make him chase you like he did at the beginning. All this may seem like a dream that cannot be realized, but it will happen. Once you learn to enter your head and press your emotional buttons in the right direction, it will be easy for your Ex to become addicted to your love.


Some women are reluctant to use psychological advice to get their ex, but there is nothing dishonest or harmful. You only face your Ex in front of what he already knows. He loves you and misses you like crazy.